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A skylight is an architectural element which has both a functional and an aesthetic appeal. It does not matter if you are thinking about a new skylight installation or you already have one or more in your home and are in need of repair services, GG Roofers will help you cover all your bases.

Installation of New Skylights

GG Roofers Broad Skylight View

A skylight can be a worthy addition to practically any house as it conveys numerous benefits. For one, skylights are an outstanding source of natural light, which has scientifically-proven advantageous effects on health. Natural light stimulates the production of vitamin D, which helps strengthen the bones and boosts the immune system. Natural light also contributes to more regular sleep patterns, can help in the prevention of nearsightedness, and improves the mood of people.

On a different note, skylights also represent a fine investment as they provide long-term savings. Specifically, homes with skylights have a significantly reduced need for artificial lighting. This helps the environment by lowering CO2 emissions and translates into less money spent on energy bills each month.

When it comes to residential houses, you will most frequently encounter one of the following three kinds.

When it comes to residential houses, you will most frequently encounter one of the following three kinds.
  1. Ventilating Skylights. Also called roof windows, ventilating skylights have a hinge and you can open them. Therefore, they provide both light and fresh air. You can either operate them manually or electronically, with the help of a remote control. More advanced models even have sensors to allow them to automatically close when they detect rain or strong wind.
  2. Fixed Skylights. On the other hand, fixed skylights do not open and only provide light. They are primarily placed in out-of-reach areas of the roof and are a very popular choice among homeowners.
  1. Tubular Skylights. These are ideal when you have limited roof space. They draw light in from the top and use a tube to transmit it into a room.

In addition, there are other variations such as a pyramid or domed skylights. Furthermore, the materials used in the frame can differ.

Get in touch with us and not only will we do all the work regarding the installation, we will help you choose the right skylight for your needs and budget.

Skylight Repairs

Office Skylight Repair Job

Despite their many benefits, skylights are also known for one drawback. They have a tendency to leak. Newer models are more resistant but they are not infallible.

On the one hand, their flashing and seals can wear down with time, allowing water to seep in. On the other, they are also susceptible to physical damage. This is really not surprising as storms or strong winds are capable of damaging the roof itself, let alone a skylight which is mainly made out of glass.

It is not important if the leak is due to natural degradation or breakage. Whatever the cause, whatever the type of skylight, GG Roofers can identify the problem and repair it. Your skylight will function as good as new, in the shortest amount of time possible, and at a favorable price.

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